September, 2011

Sep 11

Biking from Anhui to Jiangxi


After hearing that you can bring your bike on the trains here if they’re under a certain size, I impulsively bought a folding bike and a train ticket. Biking in Shanghai is (besides the drivers) always a great experience but sometimes you need to get out of the city. I took a train to Huangshan in Anhui Province and biked to Wuyuan in Jiangxi Province. The lack of cars and the (relative) fresh air were a welcome break. I took the train back home from Jingdezhen, which is the center of Chinese pottery making.

My Route On Google Maps

Sep 11

Fire Hydrants


Fire hydrants are among the most essential street furniture there is, but are often overlooked. Fire hydrants here have not been completely standardized, with some older ones hanging on.