Bike Rides

May 10

Biking to Suzhou(and back)

Because of the World Expo, I have off work two days in a row for the first time in months, so yesterday I decided to bike a far as I possibly could. I figured that since Suzhou is a little over 50 miles away I could make it there and back in one day I started off from Shanghai at 9 am and got to Suzhou about 7 hours later. I didn’t have too much time to relax and sightsee as I had to somehow make it back to Shanghai. A little after midnight I finally got back home. I can barely move more than 10 feet right now, but in a good way.

An ad for a new development in Anting. Something about that skyline looks familiar
Could it be? Yup, it’s Baltimore!

Stats for the day
111 miles(179 km) biked
4 liters of water
1 liter of green tea
2 bottles of chocolate milk
3 bananas
1 pear
4 chocolate bars
1 bag of almonds
2 bags of Oreos
3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
418 photos taken

My Route for the day
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Jan 10


On Friday I biked over to Wusong, which is one of the main port areas in Shanghai. There was a huge number of ships all over the river. There were also small cities of container storage yards. The size of it all and the amount of activity was pretty mind boggling.  

My route for the day
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Jan 10

Jiangsu bound

Today was the  warmest day since I can remember, so as always, I went for a  ride. I decided to bike through the Baoshan district and made it right over the border in Jiangsu Province. It was pretty much industry the whole way there, from electronics to fish.

My route for the day
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Jan 10

American Dreams

Another day off work, another bike ride. Frances bought a bike a few days ago so I rode with her to her teaching job. I decided to keep heading west towards Anting, which is the center of the Chinese auto industry. On my way there I stumbled on something kind of strange. On the side of the road there was an abandoned theme park named American Dream Park. It was boarded up and it seemed that there were people living in the ticket office. I looked it up later and apparently it opened in 1997 but quickly folded. It seemed to be a strange place to put a theme park, being surrounded by factories and junkyards. I finally made it to Anting with just enough time to explore the Auto City, which is either half built or half abandoned. 

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Dec 09

Biking to the end of the world

Since I had the day off, I figured a nice, long bike ride would be in order. Looking on the map it seemed pretty straightforward to get to the East China Sea. I  didn’t realize that since my map was 2 years old, the road I had picked was now an unopened elevated expressway. After a few hours of effort, I finally made it to the sea. Not exactly Rio, but water nonetheless.

Shanghai’s beach

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