Biking to Suzhou(and back)

Because of the World Expo, I have off work two days in a row for the first time in months, so yesterday I decided to bike a far as I possibly could. I figured that since Suzhou is a little over 50 miles away I could make it there and back in one day I started off from Shanghai at 9 am and got to Suzhou about 7 hours later. I didn’t have too much time to relax and sightsee as I had to somehow make it back to Shanghai. A little after midnight I finally got back home. I can barely move more than 10 feet right now, but in a good way.

An ad for a new development in Anting. Something about that skyline looks familiar
Could it be? Yup, it’s Baltimore!

Stats for the day
111 miles(179 km) biked
4 liters of water
1 liter of green tea
2 bottles of chocolate milk
3 bananas
1 pear
4 chocolate bars
1 bag of almonds
2 bags of Oreos
3 peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
418 photos taken

My Route for the day
View Suzhou in a larger map


  1. you’re crazy, but in a good way. thanks for saving me some oreos :-)

  2. Lol you are crazy. And you didn’t even have a real meal for this ride??