December, 2011

Dec 11



These are some photos that I took before I went back to the States last month. Trying to find open space in Shanghai is downright impossible sometimes. I took Line 9 to Sheshan with my folding bike and went past the tourist area and came across an area I that is not yet (for now) overdeveloped.

Dec 11

Red Banners


Usually the first way people in older neighborhoods know their homes are going to be demolished is when the government puts up red banners. The banners often tell people to move quickly out of the neighborhood.

Dec 11



I just recently came back from a trip across America. I flew into LA and made my way to the East Coast by train and bike. I had taken my folding bike with me from China and it was probably the best thing I packed. Above are some photos from LA, AZ, CO, IA, IL, WV, DC, MD and NY.